Bridal / Wedding Dress Alterations

High quality wedding dress alterations

HEMS –  (all hem prices depend on number of layers, volume and fabric type)

Shorten straight dress with lining from £45

Shorten full dress with lining from £60

Extra layers of netting from £20

Add bustle loop or ribbons from £15


Take in 2 seams with lining from £40

Take in 2 seams with lining and boning from £55

Take in 2 beaded/lace seams with lining and boningfrom £70

Alter neckline from £45

Replace zip with corset back from £65 (plus any additional fabric required)


Lift shoulders from £40

Shorten straps from £20

Add lingerie clips from £15


Take in from waist to hip from £30

Take in from waist to hem from £50


Shorten plain sleeves from £25

Shorten detailed sleeves from £40